I'm Vaishali. I'm a freelance kernel engineer, system programmer, foss community architect, tech writer and tech speaker based out of Bangalore, India.

I provide freelance consulting services on Linux Kernel and system programming related projects for clients around the world. You can check out my Linux Kernel patches, Linkedin profile and github profile to know more about my work. I also care about increasing diversity in open source communities. I'm currently associated as a co-organizer with RGSoC and Linux kernel co-coordinator for Outreachy.

I am a firm believer of open education and try to engage in related activities whenever I can. Usually I'm active in open source communities and local meetups like kernel meetup in Bangalore. I occasionally write on my blog and make tech related drawings. I was used to write on quora. I'm not much active there these days!

If you want to hire me [full-time/part-time/consulting assistance] for your projects, please contact me after checking my current availability.

I love speaking at conferences about open source and Linux kernel related topics, if you want to invite me to speak at your conference or take part in a panel, then check my upcoming/past speaking engagements and feel free to contact me. I was also used to offer bunch of university talks and Linux Kernel workshops, although I'm not accepting any University workshop offers until June,2019 [if it requires me to travel outside of Bangalore]. Slides of all my talks, Linux kernel workshop material etc can be accessed here and here.