What I’m doing now

[Last Updated: May 9, 2018]

  • Currently my paid time is divided between working with wonderful clients on Embedded Linux projects and handling RGSoC as a co-organizer.

  • I’m also going to spend 3-5 hours/week on Embedded Rust project as part of ‘Increasing Rust’s Reach’ program from May 15, 2018.

  • Until August, 2018, I’m not looking for any technical/community/advisory work. But if you have any projects coming up in/after August, 2018 which requires me to work for 25 hours/week or less and you think I’d be great fit for, feel free to drop me an email at me@vaishalithakkar.in. I’m almost always happy to follow up with a free consultation via video/audio/text chat for projects I’m really interested in.

  • I usually update my tech and university speaking plans here (and occassionally announce it on twitter too :)).